Lux Architectural Panel

Lux Architectural Panels give your home a bold, timeless, and sophisticated look while maintaining the durability of more traditional siding products. With a contemporary and visionary approach to their products, which blends a hybrid of the old school mastery of metal craft with the innovative and emergent technologies of creative culture, Lux Panel siding is a fantastic option for home looking to stand out. 

Incredible Quality, Value, & Innovation

LUX Architectural Panel products offer numerous benefits and advantages over the competition. With its easy installation, incredible durability, the ability to maintain its integrity through all conditions, and 37 different styles to choose from, this siding an incredible option for Red Deer homes & businesses.


LUX is proudly Canadian which means you can support your home economy and get your products delivered faster!


You can be confident selecting LUX Panel siding because of its 25-year finish warranty which is 10 years longer than other powder coated aluminum extrusions or PVC product on the market.


LUX is a 24 Gauge steel product – not 26 or thinner like many competitors! Then means you are getting a rigid, strong steel siding. Also, it is made from the highest grade of corrosion resistant material on the market.


LUX Panel is shipped in custom lengths which means you get exactly what you need. This makes it an environmentally friendly option as well as cost effecting one!

Portfolio Of Lux Panel Work

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