Envelope Seal

VNO Exteriors is the only installer of Blue Goo Envelope Sealant in Central Alberta. This product provides a best in class seal that keeps moisture out and ensures the longevity of your home. It is an elastomeric co-polymer thermal plastic that acts as a primary barrier to moisture and air penetration at the window to wall interface. Its physical properties allow it to adhere to most surfaces while staying flexible over a wide range of temperatures. These characteristics enable the product to move and adjust with building settling, while maintaining a watertight seal around buildings openings. 

Superior Water Protection

Envelope seal helps protect your home from moisture which is the major contributor to buildings problems. VNO is the only installer of Blu Goo Envelope Seal in Central Alberta. We help new home builders and commercial construction companies protect their building from the harsh Alberta weather with Envelop Seal. 


Envelope Seal has excellent elongation and flexibility at extreme sub-freezing temperatures.


The excellent adhesion of the product to most surfaces ensures that no moisture or air will penetrate the opening. Furthermore, the product’s elastomeric properties allow it to move and stretch with any building settling making for a permanent seal.


Envelope Seal can improve air tightness by as much as 43% when compared to other window/door preparations.


With Envelope Seal, you can improve the safety of your building for years to come and prevent the deterioration caused by moisture.

Portfolio Of Envelope Seal Work

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